2018 “St. Girard’s Ink Den,” Fiction, Tough “Mr. Massoni Lets the Yeast Rise,” Fiction, Cooked to Death 2017 “Bodhisattva Badass,” Fiction, Hard Sentences 2016 “Mr. Massoni Never Supinates,” Fiction, Hawai’i Review audio recording “The Dredger,” Fiction, Pulp Modern “Humans of Scandi Whov,” Illustrated Fiction, East Bay Review, Part I & Part II 2015 “Year of Our Lord’s Favor,” Fiction, Touching the Monkey II […]

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Interviews An Interrogation by S.W. Lauden Minnesota Publishing Tweet Up Interview 280 Steps Boondoggle Interview Corvidae Contributor Interview Scrivener Soapbox (podcast) Dark Corners Interview “Show Me Your Shelves” interview with Bizarro Central Interview with writer TW Brown #MyWritingProcess Interview Reviews David Nemeth reviews Boondoggle Benoit Lelievre of Dead End Follies reviews Foreigners (Waeguk) TJ Redig of the Scrivener Soapbox […]

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